Thursday, 21 November 2013


After some amazing years playing up and down this wonderful country to some truly epic people we have decided to call it a day.

It wasn't a difficult decision because it felt like the right time for all of us.

We have made some incredible friends along the way and have done some amazing things as a band.

We leave on a high, as friends and excited about our futures...BIG THANKS to everyone who supported us know who you are!!

See you soon


We have put two tunes on our soundcloud, they're edits by Tannerlogue...enjoy.x

Monday, 7 January 2013

Free Download, Interview and Shows

YES, learned how to use the link thing on here so here's some new shit and lots of links.

We are playing the following;

9th February - HMV Institute, Birmingham with General Fiasco (tickets)
9th March - Ruby Lounge, Manchester with  Orphan Boy (tickets)
29th March - King Tut's, Glasgow with Dead Sea Souls (tickets)

Also we've put a new tune up on our soundcloud, 'Got Skills'.  You can get it here or watch the youtube video here

Gaz and Village were interviewed by Rick Witter from Shed Seven last night for his radio show.  We'll post the interview on Soundcloud as soon as we have it.

In the meantime have a read of village's 5 favourite The Antics shows here

If you follow us on facebook but not twitter...sort your life out!

If you follow us on twitter but not facebook...sort your life out

Peace and Fucking.x

Friday, 30 November 2012

Come on people now, smile on your brothers...


What's new?  Well....we've got shit loads of shows lined up...which is nice.  We've been writing new this one ...which is nice. We've been getting some interest from some great music blogs....which is nice.

'A Music Blog, Yea?' Interview with Gaz

'A Music Blog, Yea?' Review of The Antics live in Birmingham

'Carpe Musica' Intro and live review

'The Gig Blog' Interview with Village


1st Dec - Cherry Cola (Purple Turtle), Camden, London with Bibelots

8th Dec - McHuills, Glasgow with Someones Sons

12th Dec - Parr Hall, Warrington supporting Shed Seven!

13th Dec - Engine Shed, Lincoln supporting Shed Seven!

31th Dec - Zephyr Lounge - NYE Party with Coves and a special DJ set from 'Wabs and Kebabs' (ticket details to follow)

12th Jan - ESSEX with Electric Child House

9th Mar - Ruby Lounge, MANCHESTER with Orphan Boy

29th Mar - King Tuts, Glasgow with Dead Sea Souls

Friday, 9 November 2012

Seeing The Year Out

24th Nov - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham with thieves (Event Page tickets from band)

1st Dec - Cherry Cola (Purple Turtle), London with Bibelots

8th Dec - McHuills, Glasgow with Someones Sons

12th Dec - Parr Hall, Warrington supporting Shed Seven TICKETS 

13th Dec - Engine Shed, Lincoln supporting Shed Seven (TICKETS)

30th Dec - Zephyr Lounge, Leamington - NYE Party with Coves and a special DJ set from 'Wabs and Kebabs' (ticket details to follow)

Friday, 2 November 2012

Amazing year

We can't deny that it's been amazing year for us and we've met some superheroes along the way.  Massive shout out to The Enemy, Dexters and States of Emotion for making October a very special moment in time...

New shows being announced daily

24th Nov - Sunflower Lounge, Birmingham
1st Dec - Cherry Cola (Purple Turtle), London
8th Dec - McHuills, Glasgow
12th Dec - Parr Hall, Warrington supporting Shed Seven
13th Dec - Engine Shed, Lincoln supporting Shed Seven
30th Dec - Secret Show...those that know, know.x

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peace and fucking.x

Monday, 24 September 2012

Loud Noises!

WINNING...Realised that we've abused the website recently in favour of twitter and facebook...mainly as we've been running a guest list competition for the upcoming The Enemy tour.  It's rare for us to be able to run a competition that actually has a decent prize but I think based on the response it's been a good one for our fans.  Hope the winners have fun and buy us a drink ;)

Things are very busy at the moment, being unsigned and unrepresented means we have loads of stuff do ourselves to get ready for the tour and also a very cool 'This Feeling' show in London on 10th November.  We think it might be our first London show...which if it is London had better brace itself.

We'll hopefully be putting another tune online this week ahead of the Western Super Mare show on the 28th September.

We are so happy with all the feedback, new fans and amazing shows that we have coming up and we realise how lucky we are.  We're working hard to make this work so that those that are showing faith in us get the most from their support.


Saturday, 11 August 2012

Assembly gig (25/08)

It's been a while since we posted on here, how are you all?

So what have we been up to....

We are in the process of moving studios at the moment so it's been a bit hectic in the Antics camp.  For the last few months we've been busy writing and recording some new material, which we are very excited for you to hear.  The new tunes have got a proper Stones swagger and they're going to fit in nicely with the big party tunes we'll be playing live in the upcoming gigs.

The new tracks are currently away being mixed by the very talented John Ridgard of COVES and as soon as they are done we'll have them up here for you to have a listen.

We've also been busy planning for the tour in October supporting The Enemy - have you seen our competition?  We're giving away a pair of guest list tickets to each of the shows.  Check our Facebook page for details.

Also, we are having a pre-tour party at The Assembly Rooms in Leamington Spa with some great local bands and top DJ's, including a set from Tom Clarke!  It's gonna be MINT, see you down the front!